Honeymooner Animation test

This is the Classic Honeymooners set re-created in Cinema 4D using photographic references from the classic 39 shows. I modeled and textured the furniture, walls and lighting to capture the “Classic” apartment in Bensonhurst Brooklyn during the 1950’s.

Honeymooners Color set

This is a wide angled Colored version of the Honeymooners set.

Honeymooners full set

Honeymooner set wide bw

This is the full data base of the Honeymooners set. Each piece of furniture was carefully crafted to matched the old press photographs of the original series. Texturing and lighting were also critical in the completion of this final project.

Honeymooners 3d

In a classic Honeymooner’s episode, Ralph Kramden throw’s his Mother-in-law out of his house. I re-created this scene using a 3d set positioned with the same camera angle of the original shot. I used Maxon’s Cinema 4d for the new set in the background and then cut-out the actors in Adobe Photoshop, color corrected the scene to get the same black & white tones. Notice the entire screen is now 16x9 as opposed to 4x3.

Colorado's Lady

Colorado’s Lady was composited in Adobe Photoshop. The face was constructed as a 3d database in Cinema 4d. The clouds were shot on a recent trip to Southern Colorado.