Sports Illustrated NCAA National Champs

This commercial spot was composited in Adobe After Effects and Cinema 4d for Sport Illustrated and the Louisville Cardinals. Steven Stern from Flagstaff Films produced and directed this spot. Steven Marchand from Marchand Media Composited and helped design the 1 minute spot.

US OPEN 2012

The US OPEN 2012 was created for the USTA, this past summer. The client used an animation we created for the past five years and decided it was time to update the look this year. The direction that was given to us was to try and get a “world feel” for the animation.

We came up with the concept of using the Unisphere, in Flushing Meadow Park, directly across from the US TENNIS CENTER.
The three Grand Slam events were depicted, graphically, on the Unisphere, the camera then zooms off the globe, through Monument Park, where the US OPEN is played. The animation was a great success, and our clients were extremely happy with the finished product.